Struggling To Lose Weight? (Here’s How To Fix It)

Struggling to lose weight

Struggling to lose weight? That’s okay. Many people do. That’s because losing weight is simple but not easy. Here’s a quote by fitness author Dan John that beautifully expresses what I mean.

“It’s always simple. Whats always simple, Dan? Everything! Life. Love. Money. Success. It’s all simple. Simple, though, like buy low and sell high, isn’t easy. Saving ten per cent of what you earn is simple, but not easy. My training programs are simple. Not easy”.- Dan John

I thought I’d start this article off with a juicy truth and quote. Because my guess is although you’re struggling to lose weight. You understand how to lose it.

In theory, losing weight is simple to understand. You eat fewer calories than you burn. You eat less junk food and more whole foods and you start a training regimen.

Sound simple? That’s because it is. But now you know that simple doesn’t always equate with easy.

You Need To Develop A Deep Burning Desire To Lose Weight Not For Anyone Else But For Yourself

Whats the sole reason for you wanting to lose weight? Is it because your significant other told you that you were getting a bit chubby?

Or is it because of that picture that was taken at that wedding you went to, where you could hardly fit into your dress?

These are all valid reasons for reaching your goal. But there superficial at best.

You need to dig deep.

You need to develop a strong why that makes it almost inevitable that you’ll actualise your goal.

When I have a consultation with my clients. I’ll always use this strategy with them.

This is called the 5 whys.

Here’s an example of myself.

The 5 Why Strategy Will Help You Develop A Powerful Reason To Help You Stick The Process Out If You’re Struggling To Lose Weight

Why do you want to get in shape? To feel good be healthy and strong. Getting good at fitness will also carry over and help me get good in other areas of my life.

Why do you want to feel good and be healthy? Life is better and more enjoyable when I’m fit, healthy and happy with what I see in the mirror every day. And I don’t have to worry about disease and dysfunction.

Why do you want to be fit, healthy and happy? Because I want to be good at many things in life physically, personally, socially and intellectually. Being fitter, healthier and happier makes this considerably easier.

Why do you want to be good at many things in life? Because this helps me grow as a person and be of more service to everyone else.

Why do you want to grow as a person and be more of service to everyone else? Because this is what brings me joy and helps me level up as a person. Fitness is the foundation for personal growth.

Can you see now how important it is to have a why and to cultivate internal motivation?
I don’t think that you’d disagree with the fact that a good level of fitness makes everything easier.

The answer for your fifth and final why will most likely be the most powerful reason for you wanting to get in shape.

Action: Do the 5 why exercise on yourself and develop internal motivation. Store it away somewhere so that every time you feel like going off track you can have it there to keep you going.

You Need To Stop Going On A Diet

Dieting generally has negative connotations associated with it. And it’s usually seen as a temporary thing.

Although if you want to get lean and stay relatively lean for the rest of your life. You need to turn your short term diet into a lifestyle.

Once you turn your diet into a lifestyle. You’ll find ways to make it as sustainable as possible.

Although if you only see it as temporary. You’ll be fantasising about the next all-out binge.

As soon as you come to terms with the truth that getting lean and staying in shape is a lifelong pursuit (not a short term diet). The sooner you’ll make progress towards that goal.

You Need To Take Ownership For Your Health Because No One Else Will

It can be easy to blame our circumstances. But whether you and I like it or not. We are where we are today, because of the choices we made yesterday.

If you’re currently overweight. It’s not because someone stuffed a load of cookies down your throat. Its because you overate for long enough to gain a significant amount of body fat.

But that’s okay you’re also responsible for reading this article and for making a positive change towards your health. You just need to choose to do it.

You Need To Be Following A Structured Plan And Tracking Your Progress

I’m sure you’ve heard of the common maxim “fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” This holds true for losing weight.

You need a sound nutritional plan that actually works. You also need to be accountable to yourself. Or possibly have a coach to keep you accountable.

If You’re Struggling To Lose Weight Hard Work And A Good Plan Is The Only Solution

Personally I’ve read scores of books on fitness, nutrition and mindset. And in a way, each one of those books acts as a mentor/ coach in some way.

I’m also mentored by Jordan Syatt and Mike Vacanti and have reached out to many fitness professionals. So learning more/ getting a coach is an invaluable experience. And it’ll stand you in good stead forever.

Change Because You Love Yourself Not Because You Hate Yourself

If you love yourself. Which we all should do. Then you should develop a love for looking after your health as well. Even if that means losing a few pounds.

Don’t look at nutrition and exercise as a way of punishing yourself. Look at it as a way of nourishing and improving yourself.

Don’t Buy Trigger Foods Or At The Very Least Hide Them Out Of Sight And Consume Them In Moderation

A Trigger food is a food that you find it very hard to stop eating. An example of a trigger food for most people is crisps.

Many people find that they can fairly easily devour a whole bag of crisps.

Although if that same person was going to eat a few baked potatoes they would feel full very quickly.

Some other trigger foods are:

Biscuits, ice cream, chocolates, sweets, peanut butter, and other spreads etc.

If You’re Struggling To Lose Weight Stop Buying Foods That Encourage Overeating

Because these foods are so high in calories. It can be very easy to consume 1000+ calories of them in a short space of time.

And that’s why it makes sense to just eat these foods in moderation.

Your Calorie Deficit Is Too Aggressive

If your calorie deficit is too aggressive. You’ll find that you feel hungrier and more tired than what you are used to.

If you’re consistently losing more than 1% of your body weight per week you may be eating too few calories. And chances are you’ll find it easier to be in a more sustainable calorie deficit.
My free fat loss ebook shows you how you can do that.

You’re Taking Hunger As A sign That You Should Eat More Total Calories

Even when you eat in a sustainable calorie deficit. You’ll Still feel hungry now and then. It’s just one of the hard truths of losing fat.

And if every time you feel hungry you eat. Then chances are you’ll go over your calorie deficit and prevent yourself from losing weight.

You’re Waiting For The Perfect Time To Lose Weight

In the book the power of now by Eckhart Tolle. He talks about short scale waiting which is waiting in line in a queue at the post office, in a traffic jam, or waiting for someone to arrive.

He also mentions large scale waiting which is waiting for a better job, for success, to make more money etc.

It’s not uncommon for this to happen in the physical realm. I’ve heard from many people “I’ll wait until I have more time to start going to the gym or to start eating better”.

Most people get stuck in waiting for so long that they never pursue goals surrounding their health.

Action: Give up waiting as a mindest. Whatever you can imagine you can begin. Start now.
The only time when true change occurs is in the present moment.

The Bottom Line On Why You’re Struggling To Lose Weight

  • If you want to lose weight. You need to want to do it for yourself and develop a meaningful reason for doing it. Not because someone told you to “lose weight”. Use the 5 why strategy to help you with this.
  • You need to stop going on a diet. And turn your weight loss “diet” into a lifestyle.
  • You need to take ownership of your health. Because no one else will.
  • ” Fail to plan ” = Plan to fail. If you want to lose weight you need to follow a sound plan.
  • Don’t buy trigger foods. You shouldn’t make the process any harder than it needs to be.
  • Your calorie deficit is so large that it causes you to get overly hungry and then binge. Resulting in a bad relationship with food. And an even harder time losing fat.
  • You’re taking hunger as a sign that you need to eat more. Every time.
  • You’re waiting for the perfect time to lose weight. Stop waiting for perfect. Start now.

Thanks for reading. If you need any extra help send me a message at And I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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