The Entitled Mindset: And What To Do About It

Being entitled can be defined as feeling that you have the right to do or have what you want without having to work for it or deserve it, just because of who you are.

As we grow older we might feel like we want to live the best lives, with the best things and experiences because that’s what we deserve.

In reality, we don’t deserve anything in life. The world owes us nothing.

The better question to ask ourselves is instead of what can the world do for me? What can I do for the world?

And only once we provide value to others will we reap the rewards and be able to live our best lives.

I’ve had a sense of entitlement before, everyone experiences it at least a little bit during their lives.

You think you’re special. But it’s just naivety. In reality, before we say we deserve better or we’re too good for something. We should put actions in place to accomplish whatever it is we really think we’re entitled to.

And only by hard work and accomplishment of whatever it is we think we deserve, can we really prove that we deserve it.

Maybe at your place of work, you think you deserve to be promoted. Why do you think you deserve to be promoted? Are you doing your role as best as you can? Could you do better? Have you spoken about it to your boss? Has he given you advice? If you haven’t been promoted yet, chances are you probably don’t deserve it yet.

It’s Okay To Want Better

If you want a better job, or to improve some area of your life, that’s fine. But we honestly can’t say we deserve something or have an attitude of entitlement until we put in the work every day and achieve said goal.

To feel like you deserve to reach a goal, or to have an entitled attitude without putting in the work every day is really just making your dream a wish.

The Bottom Line

To feel like we’re owed something from the world for no reason at all is complete lunacy.

Ultimately we’re responsible for our lives and we’re in the driving seat. But only if we’re willing to do the hard work every day to succeed can we truly say we deserve anything. There are no shortcuts.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger built his physique. His look was due to the fact that he always put in the reps. He never missed a workout, always ate appropriately and dedicated his life to his goal of winning Mr Olympia.

If we want to accomplish our goals in our lives. We need to put the reps in. Without putting the reps in we stagnate in accomplishing our goals.

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