Tips To Lose Weight: 2 Habits That Are A Surefire Way To Lose Weight

What are the best tips to lose weight? In this article, you’ll learn about tips centred around 2 important habits so you can lose weight with ease. When I talk about losing weight I really mean fat loss. But fat loss occurs as part of your all round weight loss. And there are 2 habits that help you lose weight the fastest.

The Yin and yang to lose weight

These two main habits comprise the mini habits that will get you to your fat loss goals.

The Yin – The 1st Habit – The Nutrition Side – Important Tips To Lose Weight

I probably don’t need to tell you how important it is to get your nutrition right for fat loss to occur.

But it’s actually not that hard to get right.

Once you’ve worked out how many calories you burn daily it’s easy.

To workout your calories to lose weight go to my free guide below that will teach you all you need to know about fat loss.

This will help you find out how many calories your body burns at rest which is called basal metabolic rate (bmr).

And will give you an activity multiplier so that you can understand how many calories you burn daily. Depending on your activity level.

Then it will show you how to put yourself in a 25% calorie deficit.

A Sustainable Calorie Deficit Is Different For Everyone

Some people can get by and lose fat quite aggressively. Whereas others like the slow approach. But neither one is better than the other. Its all a matter of personal preference.

A 20-30% calorie deficit is the range that I believe will be most effective for you.

If you like a bit of a slower weight loss approach a 20% calorie deficit works well and if you like a slightly faster approach the 30% can work for you too.

You Want To Consume Mainly Whole Foods To Lose Weight- The Best Tips To Lose Weight

For a good idea of some of the foods that should comprise the majority of your diet look below.

Foods like these.

If you eat foods like these. You will have no problem sticking to your calorie deficit. Thus losing fat.

The reason being is because these foods are just so much more filling then highly processed junk food.

Eat A High Protein Diet To Help You Lose Weight

A high protein diet paired with a majority of whole foods will keep you full for hours. For a list of quick high protein foods look below.

Protein sources to help you lose weight

A Meal Plan To Help You With Weight Loss

A meal plan to help you lose weight

This meal plan was made using the guidelines that I teach in my free ebook.

You see how most of the food in this meal plan is made up of healthy nutritious whole foods. And quality sources of protein.

A female generally has a smaller Frame than a man does. This leads to a lower calorie expenditure. Thus meaning that the majority of women don’t need to eat as much food as men.

But when you follow a specific meal plan, make sure its personalised to you.

Calorie and macronutrients targets will vary for each individual.

To Follow A Strict Meal Plan Or To Track Macros To Help You Lose Weight

Personally I find that meal plans like the one above can help you understand how to put your specific macronutrients and calories together.

And it makes sense for you to eat mainly the same foods everyday to minimise decision fatigue.

If your not sure what decision fatigue is.

It’s basically the wasted mental energy you use deciding on what foods you should eat on a given day.

So what I’ve found is the best approach is to mainly have the same foods but once you get bored of having a specific food after a while swap it out for a new one. This stops your diet from getting boring.

Don’t Be Scared Of The “Fun Foods” They Actually Help You Lose Weight

Fun foods are basically your chocolate bars, donuts , sweets etc. And just like in the meal plan you can add a bit of chocolate in the plan and into your calories here and there.

This is actually encouraged because it makes the diet more flexible and sustainable. Because lets face it, who doesn’t like chocolate.

The Yang – The 2nd Habit – The Exercise Side

By now you probably know that exercise is one part of the fat loss equation. But exercise isn’t all the same. But here’s the thing. They can all be useful for weight loss.

Weight Training

Training with weights will help you retain muscle when your in a calorie deficit. This will be true for the rest of your training career. But as a newbie in your first year of training you can actually gain muscle when losing fat. But this won’t happen forever so enjoy your newbie gains. This basically happens because your body is completely unadapted to training with weights.

Weight training is your best bet for training in and out of a calorie deficit.

Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training being second to weight training. Is still a great option Whether you’re a newbie or advanced strength trainee. Bodyweight training will still help you retain muscle in a calorie deficit. And again if you’re new to bodyweight training you can build strength and muscle while in a calorie deficit. Check my bodyweight article below.


There are 3 different types of cardio that you can perform. Low intensity steady state cardio (Liss) Moderate intensity cardio, and high intensity interval training.

These are all umbrella terms for many different types of cardio for example Liss is walking, ( which is my personal favourite) Moderate intensity cardio is jogging and high intensity interval training is classed as sprints with some breaks in between.

Cardio isn’t going to be effective for building muscle and strength.

But cardio is still much better than staying sat on your butt all day. And remember movement Is medicine.

Here is a great article on my favourite type of cardio. Which is walking.

Rest And Recovery

Firstly you need to be getting enough sleep. Sleeping from 7-9 hours is adequate. For a more in depth article on sleep go to my article below.

But to quickly sum up how to dramatically improve your sleep. You need get in a routine of getting up and going to sleep at the same time everyday.

Try and avoid the use of screens for the last 1-2 hours before bed. But if you can’t do that then use the f.lux app listed below. This gives your screen a nice warm light instead of an overwhelming blue light that messes with melatonin production.


Furthermore one of the reasons why I regard recovery and rest so highly where fat loss is concerned. Is because your body is already in a catabolic state meaning that your body has a higher chance to breakdown muscle into energy.

And when your not getting enough sleep this can increase muscle breakdown.

The study above shows a comparison between a group of people sleeping 8.5 hours and another group sleeping 5.5 hours. The group that slept only 5.5 hours lost 55% less fat than the 8.5 hour group did. And increased the loss of fat free masss by 60%.

This means that if you don’t sleep enough while in a calorie deficit. You have a higher chance of losing muscle. Which is not the goal. Thus highlights why sleep is super important.

Minimise Stress To Help You Lose Weight

When losing fat and in a calorie deficit you will get hungry from time to time. Thats a given. And when you’re in a calorie deficit especially for and extended period of time your grhelin rises which is the hunger hormone and there is a chance that your stress hormone (cortisol) will increase because of this.

So do things that relax you, and fill your time with activities that you enjoy to help you stop thinking about food.

Some activities could be:

Going for an hour long walk.

Drinking more water before your meals and just all round. This will keep you fuller for longer. Because of the excess volume of water in our stomach this in turn gives the impression of eating more.

Read a book.

Watch a movie.

Work/ do chores to be productive.

Generally speaking its not uncommon for people to just eat out of boredom. I’ve been there just like I can imagine you have to.

You have 5 minutes to spare and you see the mars bar. And you think why not.

But the most important thing you can do is to develop self awareness and make sure you don’t eat just for the sake of eating.

As Benjamin Franklin said “eat to live and not live to eat”

This isn’t to say we can’t enjoy our foods.

We can. But just remember to eat the right amount for your goals.

Enjoy The Process, Accept That Weight Loss Takes Time

The more we focus on the results of losing x amount of pounds the more we lose the most important part. The process. This is because the process leads to the goal.

When you feel like giving up remember why you started. And always enjoy the little successes. The successes of doing what you said you were going to do at the end of the day.

The key to fat loss is really to just make a chain of x’s and focus on the process everyday. A good example of this is to buy a calendar and everyday you hit your calorie deficit, mark it off with an x. Like below.

Seinfield method for weight loss

This is called the Sienfield Strategy and there is an article linked below by James Clear that goes into more detail about this method.

The Bottom Line On The Best Tips To Lose Weight

1.Fat loss is the result of striking a balance between a sustainable calorie deficit of 20-30% eating nutritious foods, exercise, rest and recovery.

2. As long as you focus on the process then you will reap the benefits in the long haul.

Thanks for reading.

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