Expression Is The Opposite of Depression

I’ve just been reading the choice by Edith Eger who is a Holocaust survivor and psychologist.

For many years Edith bottled up the terrible things that happened in Auschwitz.

But the fact is, she found that the more she denied that part of herself the more it hurt.

She found that suppressing the feelings of what went on in the concentration camp only made it harder to let them go.

Edith says “Expression is the opposite of depression”.

The fact is we need ways to cope with the shit life throws at us.

Some things that can help:

Talking Therapy.

Eating healthily.

Working out.

Getting enough sleep.

Spending time with friends and family.

If we’re healthier we’ll better face the turmoil the world throws at us. And if we have friends, family or even therapists to express our thoughts, feelings and emotions to life will be easier.

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